Sunday, 7 November 2010

I have missed my old life . . .

I Have spent today taking photos for a new jewellery collection. I have kept myself sane the past few days by getting crafty without a sewing machine . . . .  my industrial is buried away under boxes and boxes of crap eek!

I forgot how much fun it could be to photograph! My DSLR has been packed away in the garage, so I dug her out and got snapping. After rummaging around to find some suitable props first that is. Im quite pleased with the set up I had considering I have no space whatsoever now that im back at my parents. They have recently moved into a bungalow and are franticly redecorating. My room is just a tad larger than my super comfy double bed, so I have been clambering all over said bed to photograph all day. The wallpaper in my new room it pretty er, retro?! . . . . I secretly like it! 

Anyway whilst editing my photos I started browsing my Lightroom library and found some pictures from my flat. Its made me all nostalgic. I miss my old home, but not the damp bits or the giant spiders. I guess you always remember things more fondly when you look back at them.

Ok heres the tour!

I lived in a huge old manor house, well part of it. How awesome are the stained glass windows! As you can see I resided under the stairs. . . .

Strangely my bathrooms, yep two of them were right in front of you as you walked in.

Check out the creepy stairs to my basement flat.

My hall I guess?

My kitchen . . . wasnt always this bare.

Sneaky peek into my bedroom. It was almost as large as my living room.

Said Living room, oh how I miss the space!

I took the photos just before I left, I wish id taken some with all my furniture in. I love checking out other peoples homes I guess im just nosey!


hiMe said...

That's a huge place!! O.o

I still live with my parents. Rent is so high nowwadays :(

Glad to see you're back. :)

sugarpop said...

:) Thanks!
Yes renting alone can be pretty tough . . .
I dont miss saving all my pennies for bills, I can have a bit more fun now im back with my parents for a little while!