Thursday, 11 November 2010

Etsy favorites . . .

I love etsy!

When I got back home I spend a couple of days just browsing to see what id missed out on while id been away. Sad arent I! There are just so many amazingly talented people out there creating. Its such an inspiration. Anyway heres a few of my current faves.

From: Artlab

From: Peeko Apparel 

From: Reborne jewelry

From: Minicoops

Yeah sorry I had to purchase the vintage dress . . . sweet isnt it?

I am super excited to receive it, I may even post some pictures if I can pull it off.



patricia said...

Hi from artlab. Thanks so much for the post . Great selections to be included with. Love your NY photos too.

sugarpop said...

Your welcome and thank you! :)