Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Twit twoo . . .

Yeah im lame I know! I found this beauty whilst I was volunteering last week and snapped it up. He's such a cutie dont ya think! What should I name him?

Anyway, this is the extent of my posting for tonight as im feeling rather drained and tired. The kind of tired where you know you would feel much better if you'd done lots of exercise. Iv been going to the local leisure center for some classes but it just doesn't live up to my old gym. Do I slum it for cheap prices and not so hot classes or pay more and go back to my old gym? decisions, decisions. Being on a tight budget sucks!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I love japan

I swear I will get there one day . . . im thinking for my 30th. God that sounds scary. Yes its a plan, japan for my 30th, I guess its not too long to wait. Here are some of my inspirations at the moment.

All taken from: streets of japan

Monday, 21 February 2011

Where is the time going!

The past week has flown over in a blur. I cant even tell you what I actually did. But I did get a lot of things organised business wise. I have done a fair amount of sewing and finishing off which I kinda hate (I am a serial project starter, I have so many ideas and get super excited about creating new stuff then end up with piles of unfinished projects) but im training myself to be a finisher. . .  im not allowed to fabric shop until I have used everything I already own, so this is going to take a while lol.

The not so highlight of last week was hitting a giant kirb and blowing my tyre . . .  then finding out the spares flat . . . did i mention it started to rain . . . oh and my other front tyre had an egg in it :( I guess you just have to laugh, part with your hard earned cash for two new tyres and try not to hit any more kirbs when parking.

On a happier note I finally found a playsuit I can kinda pull off . . .

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Busy busy!

Sooo I have had a bit of a mad few weeks. I got myself a weekend bar job as I am need of some extra pennies. My first real working day was friday and it was crazy busy . . . so busy i thought I was going to puke at times . . . fun stuff. I think I did pretty well considering iv never worked at a bar before, and I havent worked for anyone but myself for the past 3 years . . . . I didnt get in to bed till 5am but I actually enjoyed working there, the musics good the people are nice and its not like I have a social life at the minute so I might as well do some extra work. 

Sunday I went down to London to check out the London edge trade show. The journey was epic! 6.30am start and I got back to Liverpool at 1.10am monday morning. Not fun at all! The trade show was good but I was surprised that its halved in size since I last had a stand there. It was also chinese new year so it was heaving in the town center, which is not fun when your starving and tired. And I dont do crowds at the best of times. It confirmed how much I hate London. I am most definitely a seaside girl not a city chick, crowds suck, rude people suck, the tube sucks, london simply SUCKS! some people might disagree but thats my opinion. Rant over! 

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Once upon a time I had medusa hair . . .

Finding your huge head posted on the internet by others is a little creepy, but I guess its a good thing? Im flattered. Its kinda crazy. Minus my bright hair and metal face im a pretty quiet and shy person (shocking I know). Until you get to know me of course. People always assume im as loud as my appearance and they think im taking the piss when I tell them im shy.
Sometimes I wonder if people think I look like this just to get a reaction? Im not an attention seeker, I hate having my photo taken (although im trying to get over that), I just like to look different. And iv learnt to ignore peoples stares over the years.
Its important to be yourself no matter what anyone else thinks. God im so lame!
Check out the tumblr: here
There are tons of awesome haired girls on it, it makes me want my dreads back. I may have to make a set to match my turquoise head . . .  effort.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Etsy favorites . . .

Here are a few of my recent faves, you know the drill. I really wana go on an etsy shopping spree but im trying to be good and not spend, being poor is lame! But im volunteering in the charity shop tomorrow so fingers crossed theres some bargains to be had :) anyways enough rambling.

From: workisnotajob

From: girlswithbangs

From: happydeliveries

From: blackmarketbaby


I still have tattoos on the brain too, after meeting up with my friend Kirsty for yummy chinese food last night I have tattoo envy lol. I NEED to get tattooed this year.

I also need to keep going to exercise classes. I missed pilates yesterday morning so im of to yoga tonight, fun fun.