Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Just another day at the office . . .

The post office ladies totally love me and my mary poppins bag as they like to call it. As you can imagine im on first name terms with pretty much everyone in there! 

I have also had two job interviews so far this week . . . exciting! Well except for the fact I dont think I will get either of them. I dont actually need another job right now, but for some reason I keep applying??? I should be concentrating on sewing and creating but I feel distracted? I cant really explain it. I wish I could just make a decision and stick with it. Be focused, set my own goals and go for it, what am I afraid of? If anyone has the answers please let me know . . . . I could do with having a boss right now . . . maybe thats why I keep job hunting! answers on a postcard.


Monday, 18 April 2011

Etsy favorites . . .

I am resisting the urge to shop! I must de clutter, clear out, downsize.

Buy these lovelies so I cant pretty please!


Geometric necklace from: spoonfullofmint

Vintage dress from: venusdjangoanddot

Up-cycled frames from: theartofchic

Vintage mug from: nyatiti

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Getting crafty . . .

I am slowly but surely working my way through a ton of unfinished projects, it feels good. But as you can imagine my sewing room is a big huge mess! So im going to have a big tidy up tonight . . . how exciting.

Anyway heres a sneak peek! Lots of sickly sweet treats will soon be added to the shop yay!!!


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground . . .

I know you all wanted to see my feet and up my nose all in one post so here it is!

Nice toenails huh! They were painted bright yellow, but my blue hair runs in the shower and makes them lime green . . . interesting info if your thinking of going a crazy colour ay! 

I have had this huge map of the world since I was a child. I have always been really curious about other cultures and traveling. When I was younger I had pen pals from all over the world and we would exchange little mementos from our countries and teach each other about our customs and culture. I dont think my curiosity has ever left me but some times you get a little side tracked in life and forget about all the things you wanted to with it.

I have been having one of those weeks where my mind has been wandering. There is a huge world out there and I would love to see it. Im keeping my map up to motivate me to save for some more travels and adventures. Where do I venture next? There are just too many places i would love to go explore.

Where would you like to travel to?

Monday, 11 April 2011

Daydreaming . . .

I think I have found the tattooist I would like to get work by, yay! I just need to send an email to see when and what I can get done . . . but I feel kinda silly because I dont have a specific design that I want, I just know the kind of things I like. I have been putting this email off for weeks . . . silly I know! Any advice from you fellow tattooed ladies? Do you always know exactly what you want? or are you happy to let the tattooist come up with something if you know they are the right person for the job?

Images are from: https://tomastomas108.wordpress.com/

And: http://myoshka.jp/

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Eye spy . . .

Remember that fabric I found a few posts back? Well I have turned it into a couple of items . . . one of them being this playsuit, yeah! I copied the pattern from one I already own, im all about re making things I like in different fabrics. Part of me loves it, part of me feels like a walking bedspread, any opinions?

I am very much recovered from my cold from hell which is awesome, and I have been crazy busy the past week or so. I cant complain, I love having lots on the go but I would really like a full day of creative sewing as soon as I have a spare one. Iv got a playsuit making bug.

Oh yeah, the belt and shoes are thrifted too!