Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Busy busy!

Sooo I have had a bit of a mad few weeks. I got myself a weekend bar job as I am need of some extra pennies. My first real working day was friday and it was crazy busy . . . so busy i thought I was going to puke at times . . . fun stuff. I think I did pretty well considering iv never worked at a bar before, and I havent worked for anyone but myself for the past 3 years . . . . I didnt get in to bed till 5am but I actually enjoyed working there, the musics good the people are nice and its not like I have a social life at the minute so I might as well do some extra work. 

Sunday I went down to London to check out the London edge trade show. The journey was epic! 6.30am start and I got back to Liverpool at 1.10am monday morning. Not fun at all! The trade show was good but I was surprised that its halved in size since I last had a stand there. It was also chinese new year so it was heaving in the town center, which is not fun when your starving and tired. And I dont do crowds at the best of times. It confirmed how much I hate London. I am most definitely a seaside girl not a city chick, crowds suck, rude people suck, the tube sucks, london simply SUCKS! some people might disagree but thats my opinion. Rant over! 

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