Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Just another day at the office . . .

The post office ladies totally love me and my mary poppins bag as they like to call it. As you can imagine im on first name terms with pretty much everyone in there! 

I have also had two job interviews so far this week . . . exciting! Well except for the fact I dont think I will get either of them. I dont actually need another job right now, but for some reason I keep applying??? I should be concentrating on sewing and creating but I feel distracted? I cant really explain it. I wish I could just make a decision and stick with it. Be focused, set my own goals and go for it, what am I afraid of? If anyone has the answers please let me know . . . . I could do with having a boss right now . . . maybe thats why I keep job hunting! answers on a postcard.



nikkibit said...

I have a day job (teaching) while I'm trying to get my online shop going. It's hard to commit full time! For starters, it turns your work from something fun to something that you need to do every day. I like that having a day job allows me to work as I please on my projects. It's tough to find a good balance! Good luck finding or not finding a job, I just try and assume the universe brings me in whatever direction is best ;)

sugarpop said...

Ahh I know the feeling, having been both full time self employed, and full time employed there are ups and downs to each. Every time I feel like giving up on being self employed something happens to make me think I should stick at it . . . the worlds a funny place isnt it! Thanks for your feedback its nice to know Im not alone in my thinking :)