Wednesday, 16 March 2011

. . . . .

Whah! where does the time go! I have had a crazy couple of weeks and I turned 27 . . . yep thats right, 27 on the 6th March. I can not believe I am this old! Anyway I have neglected the blog for too long. Heres a brief catch up, I have gotten a few more hours work at the pub so I am trying to adjust to working late and getting home at 5am on the weekends then waking up early and doing my sewing job  during the week . . . . Its kinda tough but I have made myself a timetable to organize my life. With naps included and everything. I feel like im back at school. But so far so good, im being super productive and I like it!

Its only my first week testing my timetable out and it will need a little tweaking but so far I have managed to spend less time online (im sure we all get sucked in and distracted on the internet) I need to cut my browsing down and be more productive when im online. Im limiting internet work to the evenings. So the past few days I have gotten some sewing projects done. I have made 2 dresses, cut out a 3rd, drafted a pattern for and made up a playsuit. Sewn up a custom order, photographed a batch of items and even spent a morning charity shopping. . . . thats quite a lot.

Oh and did I mention I have been doing yoga every morning! just call me superwoman! 

Heres some of the goodies I bagged on my shopping spree.

Oh and last but not least I had a super sweet birthday eve with some wonderful friends. Yummy food at a local noodle bar then lots of chit chat and cups of herbal tea at a swanky cafe/bar afterwards. I wish I would have taken a camera out . . . . I really need to photograph more. Here's a snap of the lovely handmade and thoughtful gifts I received.

My friends are the cutest!


samboy said...

happy birthday for last week! :)

what pretty nail polishes :) Barry M? x

sugarpop said...

yes I think they are :) I still havent gotten around to painting my nails though . . . but im thinking one hand in each colour lol x

The Tote Trove said...

Good for you drafting that impressive-looking schedule - including the all-important naps! And happy belated birthday! I turned 29 this year, so I know how you feel :)

sugarpop said...

Thank you :) I feel too young to be this old lol. I feel much better when I have a plan of action too.