Monday, 3 January 2011

Eek it's 2011

I usually love new years. Its a time for a fresh start and to set yourself goals and plans for the year ahead (I love to plan and have something to work towards). But I have been dreading this one. Why? well because 2010 was such an amazing year and im not sure if 2011 can live up to that. Dont get me wrong I had plenty of bad times too but overall i feel like i achieved a lot and had one hell of an adventure on a bit of a crazy whim too.

I need to remind myself that I am capable of anything I put my mind too. I feel like I hit home with a bump when I returned from my travels and its knocked my confidence a little. So I need to pick myself up and make this year as amazing as I can.
Things I was lucky to achieve in 2010:
  • I managed to live alone and support myself from my business, in an awesome but moldy flat.
  • I had amazing times with all my close friends. Including a fab trip to Edinburgh for my birthday
  • My family have been really supportive (they always are) But especially for helping me move my entire belongings into there garage while I went away
  • I taught art at summer camp in America (anyone who knows me will know I am not the type of person that would do this) Im really glad I did it though, I wasnt even sure I was capable of it.
  • I drove the whole east coast of the USA in 5 days . . . on the wrong side of the road might I add. I think the furthest iv ever driven in the UK was to Manchester so that was a bit insane of me but epic!
  • I also joined a gap group and travelled the whole of central America from mexico to Costa rica and tried so many activities I might never have done otherwise.
This is going to be tough to beat! I always want to do things better, achieve more, work harder, push myself a little further. But perhaps this year I need to appreciate the smaller things? stop wanting so much? I dont know, im just rambling. Im not 100% sure what I want/should do this year but I do have some goals.
Goals for 2011:
  • Be more consistent in everything I do (including blogging regularly)
  • Finally get tattooed after years of thinking about it
  • Eat better, I am quitting alcohol, tea and chocolate! insane I know its gona be tough.
  • Exercise more, and I really want to get back into yoga.
  • Day trips with my friends to conventions or gigs etc.
  • I want to bungee jump
  •  Surf again
  • And be abroad or traveling this winter

On that note ill leave you . . . as my caffeine withdrawal headache is setting in boo!
Oh and that volcano in the picture, yeah I fell down it, good times!

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