Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Its not pink but its still cute . . .

Topshops unique autumn and winter collection 2010. 

I fell in love with this collection as soon as I saw it. I usually dread winter wear and its drab colour schemes. (I try my hardest never to purchase or wear anything black) unless I really have to that is. But im warming to these tones. Im especialy drawn to the mix of fabrics, from knits to furs, the head pieces are also super fun! Hot pants and over the knee leg warmers in winter? yes please!

Anyway the point of this post is to tell you all that I shall be creating a wonderfully cute mini winter collection (using some of the fabrics I posted last week) 

When will it be ready I hear you ask? Well January the 2nd as I will be recovering from New Years eve celebrations on the first no doubt.

Anything you would particularly like to see me make? 
Suggestions are always welcome!


snowskinmooncakes said...

Those outfits are frigin adorable and I'd wear all of em, very close to my style, things I'd like to see are similar to some of the stuff in that favs are puffy sleeves, puffy skirts, flouncy circle skirts, waist cinching peplum jackets with lovely big skirty bits,thigh highs,playsuits, short shorts, over the shoulder suspenders, pinafores, embroidery, beading, tassles, knits, lace, velvet, organza, ruffles, silver, icy blue, mint, neon pastel peach, glittery fabrics, texture, elements of nature, 70's gunne sax prairie style inspirations etc

sugarpop said...

Noted, thank you . . . . there is so much I want to make now! :)