Monday, 4 January 2010

New year new start!

I have neglected this a little but im gona get back on track! I have reduced all my clothing on the website as im going to be making up a whole new collection finally! Check out my sale items HERE!
Fabric shopping this week i think yay!
I hope everyones had a super christmas and new year . . . i have had a lovely time with friends and family. But its time to get back to work and im super excited about 2010. New year new collection and a new hair colour yay check it out!

Lyn me and Sandie on NYE!

My mum and I did a good job of my hair even if i do say so myself!

My lovely friends celebrating new year woo!


Sophie St Vicious said...

def. a super job on the hair, its so pretty!

sugarpop said...

Aww thanks :)